Saturday, November 10, 2012

Union Square Farmers Market

When I met Carl Hills, owner of Kimball Farm, he told me about the Union Square Farmers Market in Somerville, one of which I have yet to go to, until last Saturday.  He said it is one of their craziest markets, where it is only open for four hours, it gets busy.  I have never been opposed to a little craziness in my life, so I took up the challenge, and off to the Union Square Farmers Market I went!

I am a big fan of Somerville to begin with.  I love tiny cities with so many restaurants to eat your way through.  I also like farmers markets on Saturday mornings, so Somerville just earned a couple points in my book.  Of course, Kimball farm was there, which was my first stop.  My mom, who has been quite the farmers market shopper these days, came with me and she has never been to Kimball farm.  So I had to tell her about the bags of mixed greens with flowers that I love to buy from them.  I like to mix these bags with a head of kale to add some extra goodness to my salads.  As I am saying this, a man working there asks me if I massage my kale.  I have never heard of such a thing, but I am intrigued by this question.  Take some parchment paper, put the kale between two sheets, and gently roll over the kale with a rolling pin.  It is suppose to make it sweeter, so I have a new project and a little lesson to take with me.

So now off to walk around the market!  There are several smaller vendors such as Drumlin Farm, Flats Mentor Farm, Hollis Hills, and Hutchins farms.  If you are looking for some specialties there are Stillmans Farm (for your Thanksgiving turkey!), Fiore Di Nonni, Iggy's Bread, Robinson Farm (cheese and meat), Seta Mediterranean Foods, and Taza Chocolates.  I just remember thinking, there are a lot of "no no's" at this market.  Regardless of my thinking, I went over to Taza Chocolate.  At a wedding I went to a few weeks ago (I believe I wrote about the centerpiece), taza chocolate was the favors.  I got salted almond and it was delicious.  My plan at the market was to get some more, but as usual I get distracted by something else.  The woman that worked there was very nice and told me about the cinnamon disks, which make great hot chocolate.  As a hot chocolate lover, she didn't have to convince me anymore.  Needless to say, the recipe of the week is Taza hot chocolate!

Union Square Farmers Market is open on Saturdays from 9-1 in Somerville.  The last day of the market will be Saturday November 17 and I heard there is a winter market in Somerville.  I will be posting more information about winter farmers markets as the fall season is quickly coming to an end.

Taza Hot Chocolate

One disk of taza chocolate (I used cinnamon, but any flavor you like will work)
2 cups milk or water
1 pumpkin spice marshmallow from sweet lydia's (optional)

Boiling 2 cups of water (or milk).  Grate or chop the chocolate.  Slowly stir in the ground chocolate into the hot water.  Top with a marshmallow to make the chocolate a little frothy.  Enjoy!