Thursday, May 21, 2015

I'm Back!

Hello!!  It is time for me to start blogging again!  For those that have been wondering where I have been, I was busy having a baby!  Yes, baby Mackenzie was born March 10 and now that she is 2+ months old I am ready to get back to some kind of normal, which means blogging.  And what perfect timing as all the farmers markets are beginning to open up for the 2015 season.  Here is what I have gathered so far...

Currently open:
Copley Square T/F 11-6
Davis Square W 12-6
Central Square M 12-6
Dewey Square T/Th 11:30-6:30
Cambridge Center W 11-6
Union Square Sat 9-1
SOWA Sun 10-5
Natick Sat 9-1
Canal St - Worcester Sat 9-12 (I want to check this out!)

So far I have been to Waltham (one day only, opens June 13), which was Mackenzie's very first farmers market and Natick.  Natick has some good vendors such as Q's nuts, Bondat, Narragansett Creamery, Nola's Fresh Foods, Tangerini's Farm and more.  I picked up my favorite, cayenne and mango cashews from Q's nuts and herb and garlic cheese from Narragansett Creamery.

A vendor I want to check out...BirchTree Bread Company.  I didn't see them on Saturday in Natick, but they are listed on the website.  Their instagram showed they are going to Davis Square on Wednesdays, so next week that could be a possibility.  And BTW, their instagram is filled with yummy pictures of breads, pastries, and coffee, so give them a follow!

With a new baby, I don't have tons of time to cook, but I can't blame the baby on this recipe because I tried this out of pure laziness and it came out awesome.  I was really wanting bacon one morning and didn't want to cook it, however, I had some of bacon flavored Smith's Country Cheese on hand and threw a spoonful in my scrabbled eggs and it was delicious.  The cheese melted easily into the scrabbled eggs and had a nice smokey bacon flavor without cooking the bacon.  I highly recommend if you are having a lazy moment like I was!  You can find Smith's Country Cheese at the Waltham Farmers Market.

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