Monday, December 29, 2014

Bringing honey back to life

Did you know that honey doesn't go bad? Years ago, I didn't know that and I threw out a perfectly good jar of honey just because it started to crystallize.  Being a food blogger and constantly researching food, I figured out how to solve that problem.  I also save money by purchasing larger jars of honey at a better deal, knowing that I can use it for a long time.

With the temperature dropping, I have been drinking more hot tea to keep warm.  I love to add honey to my tea.  My large jar started to crystallize, so here is what I did.

Take your jar of honey and put it in a pot of water.  Turn on the stove to low to medium heat.
The key here is low and slow.

Keep it going for about 20-40 minutes.  Mine here took about 20 minutes.
When the honey has returned to its original consistency, it's done!
Take it out of the pot and let cool on the counter.

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