Thursday, February 28, 2013

Medford Winter Farmers Market

For all the prosciutto fans out there, I went to the Salty Pig with my father for dinner last week.  The restaurant has a great selection for craft beer and wine plus we had a prosciutto feast!  For the appetizer, you can select what you want for meat, cheese, and, jellies and marmalades.  We picked two different types of prosciutto, one aged and one smoked, with cabot cheese (because I had to have something somewhat local!) and a gouda style goat cheese.  Then we chose to add marinated olives and jalapeno jelly, which I love!  But we didn't want to stop there.  So we got a pizza with prosciutto, roasted red pepper, tomato, and mozzarella.  There is also an option to add a fried egg to our pizza.  We had a discussion about this trend that we have seen pop up.  I have heard of adding a fried egg to a burger and my father had it on a crostini, but I have never had it on pizza.  Since we both like to keep up with the times, when the waiter asked if we wanted to add an egg to our pizza, we did!

Of course, before I went to the Salty Pig, I went to the Medford Winter Farmers Market.  Bring your jacket because this market is located in the parking garage at the Hyatt in Medford.  There were some good vendors that I knew I would see here, Romas Bakery, which has great giant cookies (good for bribing my husband to come to the market with me) and delicious pies.  There are sweet pies such as blueberry, strawberry rhubarb, and apple.  They also have pie like italian cold cut, thanksgiving dinner, and spinach and mozzarella, which I may even have in my freezer!  Another vendor that I am very fond of this winter is Silverbrook Farm out of Dartmouth, MA.  They have a variety of root vegetables as well as greens.  You can also buy honey, jams, and eggs too!  At this market there were lots of treats, which I don't typically buy, but I figured that I would splurge and try the Cookie Lady.  Thanks to Sweet Lydia's, I have been a s'more junkie lately, so I bought a package of petit s'mores.  It was a nice treat to cozy up with a hot chocolate and a s'more when it was snowing out on Saturday.  Other vendors include Stillman's, Big Sky Breads, C and C lobsters and fish, Coastal Vineyards, Q Nuts, and VESTA pizza.

Unfortunately, today is the last day of the Medford Winter Farmers Market, but they do have a summer market on Thursdays from 3-7.  I'll keep you posted when I hear the details.

Recipe of the week:
Healthy Shepherds Pie

I found this recipe on Pinterest and thought it is worth sharing.  It uses a lot of root vegetables so it would be easy to find these local this time of year.  I used local kale, onion, and carrots, omitted the peas, and used butter instead of greek yogurt.  Next time I will try to use more local ingredients, but it still came out great!!